Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Ghosts of Halloweens Past (part 1)

For the past 4 or 5 years, Dan and I have put on a big Halloween party at our house every October. This year, I am taking a break. I'm watching the colors change, taking walks and just basking in the beauty of autumn. I'm not worrying about keeping my house perfect and I'm not trying to come up with a new costume or an invitation design.
But part of me is feeling incredibly guilty and a little disappointed. We always have a great time and love seeing everyone. And the creativity of people with their costumes just blows me away every year. Probably my least favorite part of the party is the costume contest- we have a "people's choice" vote and the winner gets a prize. But how do I give a prize to ONE??? At first it was funny. People found out about the prize and got competitive and the costumes were amazing. But I hated not giving prizes to everyone. I can't imagine the effort that must have gone into creating some of these costumes.
So, I picked out a few pictures and, as promised, here is a little glimpse into Halloweens Past...

Aunt Thelma as... well, we were never quite sure what she was, but it was creepy!

Kim and Dan as The Mad Scientist and her unfortunate subject... this peering through the window thing made for some freaky photos!
Mindy and Troy in 2006
In 2007 they went as a clown and a mime because they know I hate clowns (and mimes are even worse). Every time I turned around they would be peeking around a corner at me.

Mom and Dad as cowboys
My nephews as little bats and their dad behind them as a mummy
Ryan and Erin in 2005 as Donald and Martha
Ryan and Erin again in 2006 as Johnny Cash and June Carter...
Baby G

And some of our winning costumes...

Ryan and Erin as the Chef and the Lobster in 2004

Mindy and Troy in 2005

My sister's family as monkeys in 2006. This one cracked me up. They all came running up the driveway when they arrived, shrieking and eating bananas.

Ryan and Erin as the Maytag Repair Man and the Oven, complete with bun... there's a sonogram of Madalyn inside the door!


Beth said...

WOW....you do halloween right !!!

kitasmom said...

the monkeys are my favorite! you know, it seems everyone i know is "taking a break." I noodled over to BP's and she was talking about it too. was it just a month ago that i was weeping with separation anxiety from the squam-ettes? all that high/low emotional turmoil. then the re-entry to The Usual day. oy. maybe just an autumn thing? the quiet before the snow hits? who knows. i could sure relax in front of a fire with a chocolate vodka valium latte for a few months! Linda

Heather said...

Oh those are all just great costumes!!!! I can't believe all the creativity. I think the Maytag repairman and the oven are my favorites ... or maybe the monkeys? Too many to choose from!