Thursday, November 11, 2010


November 2010 is having trouble deciding what kind of autumn it wants to portray. We had some snow last week and some frost early this morning, but Dan and I had lunch on the front porch in shorts and t-shirts this afternoon. I have no complaints. I love both types of weather. And I certainly can't criticize November- I can't seem to sit down and focus on one kind of art. I really want to do more painting, but last week I was spending all my time in the studio making jewelry. It's less scary than painting (for me). And certainly less scary than posting my paintings on the net. But I finally started working on this:

It's a house I saw on a walk Dan and I took last November. I've been thinking about painting it for a while. I have a ways to go, but I'm happy that I actually sat down and picked up a brush today. Bandit seemed very content to spend his morning under my table keeping my slippers warm.
And if November could settle down and start acting like late autumn, perhaps I could start spending more time in the studio.