Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Oops. I guess I got a little behind in my blogging. We'll see if I can keep up in the new year. Anyhow, this post was inspired by a post on Penelope's blog titled, "good things- traditions". I love the holidays and I really enjoy hearing how other people celebrate. My family has so many traditions I thought I should share a few of my favorites. One of the newest is the wreath making party that my husband started. He wanted a casual, adults only gathering with something fun for the guests to do. So we covered the studio with plastic tarps, purchased some bundles of pine boughs and invited people to come over and make a wreath. Or to just stop by and say hello. Last year the party divided- men in the kitchen talking and having wine and the ladies (and one brave male guest!) made the wreaths in the studio. This year, a few more men got brave and ventured into the "wreath room". They all did a great job!
Another yearly tradition is the "Tree Hunt". The whole family gets together for breakfast at a restaurant and then we head out to a tree farm to find a tree for my parents' house. Usually, Syracuse University hosts the Hendricks Chapel Christmas Concert that same evening. My aunt and I have attended that for at least the past nine or ten years. I like to hear the handbell ringers and at the end of the performance, the choir lights candles and everyone sings Silent Night.
Some of the other traditions are:
- Mom and Dad's White Elephant Party
- Driving around the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights
- Dan and I open gifts to each other on Christmas Eve
- making cookies
-watching Christmas movies
-Girls scrapbooking night