Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What do you love?

Junebug... he's just begging to be painted, don't you think?

The end of the longest day of the year

This picture probably needs no explanation

Inspired by Penelope (once again!), here is what I love right now:

The anticipation of summer on the way
The longest day of the year
A husband who loves animals
Yoga classes with Mom
Fat cats sunbathing on hardwood floors

And what I love most right now (ok, BESIDES the husband) is Firefly Walks. We've been taking a walk around the yard almost every night to see the fireflies. I think they are one of the most amazing creatures... and seeing them is such massive numbers in the meadow this time of year is incredible. There are so many that they bump into us every once in a while during our walk. I think I will have to start another firefly painting soon. Especially since I can't seem to photograph them.