Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

We have a special tradition for Super Bowl Sunday. Since neither one of us likes to watch sports (or even be in a room where a game is on in the background!), we like to spend that evening trying out a new restaurant. Preferably a restaurant that doesn't have a TV. So this year, after a quick hike in the upper section of Buttermilk Falls, we tried out The Moosewood Cafe in Ithaca. It was a bit of a drive, but really worth it. Our friends Megan and Andy joined us this year. For the first time in the eleven or twelve years we've been doing this, we had to wait for a table. Usually restaurants are practically empty during the Super Bowl, but not this one. But the wait wasn't long and they had lots of great cookbooks to look through in the gift shop. It was French Cuisine night and they had French onion soup, which I love. BUT French onion soup is traditionally made with beef broth and I was pretty sure that Moosewood was a vegetarian restaurant. So I asked the waitress if there was beef broth in the soup . She gasped and covered her mouth and looked completely horrified. "Oh, no! We would NEVER serve beef broth. It's completely vegetarian. It can be made vegan, if you want." Hee hee!!! I have a new favorite restaurant. The soup was amazing. So was everything else we ordered. Well, except maybe the carrot /beet/ginger juice, but guess who ordered that? And we were all dumb enough to try it.

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nadine said...

Oh I'm jealous! I'm not much of a cook (although slowly getting better), but always enjoy "reading" a good cook book when I'm browsing at Borders... Moosewood's always make me hungry :-)
What a great tradition!
PS. thank you for the nice comment on my final blog post :-) I look forward to watching yours.