Friday, February 25, 2011

Pawcasso 2011

The snow is coming down hard outside, but it's a great day to be snowed in. I have tons to do to get ready for the 2011 Pawcasso Silent Auction tomorrow! If you're in the Syracuse area, it's a lot of fun and there are some great deals on artwork. I dropped off my auction pieces about a month ago, now I'm organizing and pricing work for the table I'll have in the lobby. Engine has once again donated one of his wire sculptures, and I've donated a print, a jewelry piece, and an original acrylic painting. Dan has been making a contribution, too. He has been making beautiful floating frames for my original pieces. Usually I paint them black, but he made this one out of oak and it looked so nice we decided to leave it natural.

I also want to show you a new piece I'll have for sale. This tiny book is a collection of prints of my Polar Animal series. The book itself was inspired by the work of the brilliant Geninne over at Geninne's Art Blog. She does beautiful work and her blog is one of the first places I turn when I'm in a creative slump.

And in between the snow storms, I've been enjoying watching the goldfinches flocking to the maple tree outside the studio. Even thought they're wearing their faded winter feathers, they still add a nice little splash of color to the gray outside.


Rob09072 said...

It was lovely to meet you & Dan @ Pawcasso - your creations are amazing!

I hope to have my photo edits done by the end of the week & linked to SANS. Perhaps I will see you @ Paw for a Cause!


Lori said...

I hope things went well at Pawcasso- I have never heard of it. Where have I been?! I'm off to check the link :)

Vivian said...

Fianlly! One of life's mysteries has been solved! I speak of the vast unknown riddle that is Syracuse: why do people live there -- where it is Winter nine months of the year?

Now I know: it's because Syracuse cats are ridiculously, insanely, irresistably CUTE.

That's my kind of town.

I'm ready to move tomorrow.